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Who we are

With proper engagement in the social media world, you can move to the center of attention. Say the right things and you'll gain new business, clients and members.




Are you ready for more business? Take the next step and expand your reach with social media channels. We'll help create the buzz that brings customers, clients and members to your doors. SCAN Media LLC is Powerful. Proven.

SCAN Media LLC is here to serve small businesses and non-profits

There are an amazing number of so-called social media businesses out there that offer a load of confusing services. But they DON'T cater to small businesses and non-profit organizations. We do. Plain and simple. We know small businesses because we are one. And we know non-profits having worked in that arena. While the other social media firms out there are charging hundreds of dollars a month, we can do it so much cheaper because we ARE a small business, too. We use the right tools and offer you more than the big guys. That's because we care about you getting the business you need from social media. We're Powerful. Proven.


We know how to create the BUZZ you need on social media channels. We also know you are busy running your business and Facebook or Twitter postings are an afterthought. Social media needs regular attention so your customers know you are out there. You also need to interact with your social media followers. Most businesses use social media as a bulletin board and that's one-way. Social media is two-way and we can create the buzz to get your customers to interact with your social media channels, and that, in turn, drives customers to your door. 

Take the time right now and click on our "Let's be social" page above. We can get your social media channels buzzing within days. We'll map out a plan that will cost you less per week than paying a part-timer for a few hours. No, we won't charge you the hundreds of dollars a month that the big guys want. In fact, the little we charge will be more than made up by new business for you every week and every day. Are you ready to create a buzz?

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